Nature with creative sparkles

Inspired by nature, Martijn Schrijver creates surreal, digitally handcrafted artworks.

He expresses his imagination with Photoshop, passionately and skillfully incorporating animals into landscapes and other surroundings. Despite their realistic appearance, Martijn's images are surreal, as he often adds supernatural and humorous features.

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Elephant rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Rhino rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Peacock treeby Martijn Schrijver
Tortoise Rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Cold Feet Hippo Rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Fish Rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Cheetah 4by Martijn Schrijver
Droplets of ladybugsby Martijn Schrijver
Cheetah birdsby Martijn Schrijver
Balance 3 - Jungle Jiggleby Martijn Schrijver
Lion Insideby Martijn Schrijver
Lazy puppyby Martijn Schrijver
Dino egg rockby Martijn Schrijver
Bull rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Repeat after meby Martijn Schrijver
Mother natureby Martijn Schrijver
Toucanaby Martijn Schrijver
Shark Islandby Martijn Schrijver
Dragon Rocksby Martijn Schrijver
Snactusby Martijn Schrijver
Shark Rocksby Martijn Schrijver

Idea first, image second

In the example below, I began by imagining and sketching the concept. Next, I looked for useful images, like stock photos. I combined the rocky parts of multiple images to compose the chameleon, applying Photoshop cloning, transforming, and blending to make it look natural.

Idea follows image

Sometimes, it's the other way around: an image provides inspiration and helps generate ideas. I often use existing elements from one or more images to create something new. Shapes, textures, or specific details, for instance, may be edited to create a surreal effect.

Adobe Photoshop

Clients / Adobe Photoshop

I partnered up with Adobe for exclusive artworks for their campaigns. Also, I was honoured to showcase my work on the Instagram page of Adobe Photoshop for an entire week (day 1,  2 ,  3 ,  4 ,  5 ). During that time, I spoke about my style, motivation, and technical aspects of photo editing.

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I also teamed up with The Ocean Agency and Adobe for featuring my work at creative exhibitions to draw attention to nature conservation. These physical exhibitions were located in e.g. Paris at the UNESCO headquarters.


I'm Martijn, fully prepared to engage in projects with a global reach. If you have any inquiries concerning commissions, prints, or wish to connect, please don't hesitate to utilize this form or reach out via email.