I’m inspired by nature and create surreal, digitally handcrafted art (if I may call it like that), expressing my imagination with Photoshop. Passionately and minutely, I incorporate animals into landscapes, among other things. My work may look realistic, but the supernatural and humorous additions render my work positively unreal.

Tangible daydreams

I can get very excited about an idea. When the enthusiasm surges through my body, I have no choice but to give in to it and transform a concept into a tangible creation. No matter how difficult or time-consuming.

While in creation mode, I need to feel that passion. If I don't, I go back to the drawing board, devising improvements and determining the right balance. It's an exciting and highly creative process - not just in terms of Photoshop skills but especially regarding design decisions, aesthetics, willpower, and passion. A well-worked out concept is highly satisfactory and an absolute joy.

Step into my world

I've always had an intense desire to create, and I greatly enjoy the favourable responses of people from all regions and ages. In addition, I have noticed that people seem to copy my way of thinking: once they see animals in random shapes and objects, there is no turning back. I'd like to convey this positive energy to as many people as possible.

I was honoured to showcase my work on the Instagram page of Adobe Photoshop for an entire week. (day 1,  2 ,  3 ,  4 ,  5 ). During that time, I spoke about my style, motivation, and technical aspects of photo editing.

Also, several of my creations have been used for UNESCO exhibitions to draw attention to nature conservation. This has given me great satisfaction.

Martijn Schrijver

I was born in Winterswijk, the Netherlands, in 1979 and raised in Aalten. Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to express my imagination. I took every opportunity to draw and build - whichever way I had in mind.

I became a Photoshop adept but looked beyond photo editing to improve and broaden my artistic skills. Travelling the world, I marvelled at the beauty of nature and architecture. Consequently, I developed an interest in aesthetics, design, and art, studied graphic design, and worked in the design industry. Since 2010, I have offered my services as a freelancer.

~ Martijn